A fieldtrip to ITER, a work-in-progress that will test fusion’s feasibility

In France, 35 countries invest time, cash, and effort in commercial energy's future. [Read More]

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Known as ITER, this experimental Tokamak fusion reactor is intended to be the last necessary step to prove the scientific and technological feasibility of fusion as a commercial energy source.
Logistically, as a construction project, the ITER team is tracking over 200,000 actions necessary to bring the effort to fruition.
Containing a plasmaThe Tokamak fusion reactor, which the ITER team refers to as “the machine,” will use deuterium and tritium (two hydrogen isotopes) as fuel.
By placing a “blanket” of lithium around the reactor, fusion itself can help us overcome this limit.
Ultimately, the Tokamak reactor is projected to produce 500MW of fusion energy while consuming 50MW to heat the hydrogen.

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The largest physics experiment ever discussed… fusion! The future of #Energy is in the making. #Trend #Innovation

Source: Arstechnica