Why did Google get rid of the company behind Pokémon Go?

Google wants startups under its roof, but it can’t catch ‘em all. [Read More]

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The reasons why are very particular to the gaming company — but they also reveal some hurdles Google faces in its new experimental corporate anatomy.
John Hanke, a key figure behind Google Maps and Google Earth, was given leeway to form Niantic in 2010.
Although Niantic spun out when Alphabet was announced, this person said the plans were in place before the corporate restructuring began.
Niantic had, on the back of Ingress’ traction, become more of a gaming company than a Google one.
And potential partners, like Nintendo, would usually rather partner with an independent company rather than a giant like Google.

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The story behind the creators of Pokémon Go? The game that proves the potential of Augmented Reality! #Trend

Source: Recode