Nest's new outdoor camera uses Google AI to see if there's a person at your door

The fourth Nest hardware product has arrived. [Read More]

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On Thursday, the Alphabet company released Nest Cam Outdoors, a small circular camera that mounts on the exterior of homes and syncs to smartphones.
Over the past year, the indoor camera has sold very well, said Maxime Veron, Nest’s director of hardware product marketing.
1 demand consumers had was, “Why can’t I put my camera outside?”When it puts its camera outside, Nest is also throwing in a few new software features.
There’s a two-way audio system that lets Nest owners talk through their smartphones to people who approach their doors.
And there’s a new detection feature that lets owners tell whether the thing that approaches their door is a person or not.

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We are quickly moving into an AI-First World (where every device uses some sort of #AI). #Trend #TrendWatching

Source: Recode