There are no autonomous vehicles—yet

Let’s talk about autonomous vehicles. Again. In the aftermath of the recent fatal crash that occurred in a Tesla running in Autopilot mode, it seems like it’s a topic worth digging into. I attended a panel this spring before the Formula E race in Long Beach, California. In light of the … [Read More]

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Let’s talk about autonomous vehicles.
In light of the upcoming Roborace series that will run as a support for the all-electric races, the panelists discussed autonomous vehicles and how tantalizingly close that horizon is.
Not long ago, I published a guide to the SAE levels of autonomous driving, and it’s there I’ll turn again for clarity.
That kind of autonomous driving does not yet exist, even if it’s called Autopilot .
“But Google has autonomous vehicles!” you cry, probably on Twitter.

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It will take another 20 years before fully autonomous vehicles are widespread! #Trend #Trendwatching

Source: Techcrunch