Museum uses 'Minecraft' to visualise the Great Fire of London

#Minecraft and its 'build what you want' mentality has made it an effective tool in the classroom. The game, developed by Mojang and owned by Microsoft, has been… [Read More]

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You'll also be able to make "crucial decisions" by talking to historical figures.
The third, set for February next year, will allow players to rebuild London using the architectural plans drawn up by Christopher Wren, John Evelyn and others.
Playing all three should, the museum hopes, create an experience that's both unique and informative.
The "Great Fire of London" is a popular classroom topic in Britain, so the maps should make for a refreshing departure from musty textbooks and TV documentaries.
The unique #Minecraft worlds are being put together by Adam Clarke, a #Minecraft artist and digital producer, Blockworks, a professional #Minecraft map building team in the UK, and "Dragnoz," a YouTuber and world creator deeply involved with the #Minecraft community.

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#Minecraft is now teaching kids history! #FunLearning #Innovative #Trend

Source: Engadget