Pokémon Go will launch in Japan tomorrow with game’s first sponsored location

Pokémon Go will finally launch in Japan tomorrow, with McDonalds set to become the game's first sponsored location. [Read More]

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Can you imagine what will happen when the game finally goes live in Japan, the birthplace of the Pokémon phenomenon?
Well, you don’t have long to wait since Pokémon Go is scheduled to launch in Japan tomorrow (Wednesday), sources have confirmed to TechCrunch.
Tomorrow has been earmarked as launch day so we won’t have to wait quite that long to watch Pokémania hit Japan.
TechCrunch understands that McDonald’s will be the first launch partner in a tie-in that will see its 3,000 plus fast food restaurants across Japan become gyms for would-be Pokémon collectors.
Bloomberg reported that McDonald’s Japan has already seen its share price rocket thanks to Pokemon-branded Happy Meal sales, even before the game launch.

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Pokémon Go going live in Japan tomorrow, with first sponsored locations at McDonald’s. #Trend

Source: Techcrunch