Smart Stitches Send Data As They Heal Wounds

New smart sutures can take vital health measurements and transmit data wirelessly to a cellphone or computer. Researchers at Tufts University used nano-scale sensors, electronics, and microfluidics to give the threads diagnostic properties. [Read More]

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That's the promise of the "smart sutures" invented by a team of researchers led by engineers from Tufts University.
Starting with thread that ranged from basic cotton to sophisticated synthetic, the researchers embedded electronics, microfluidics, and nano-scale sensors to create high-tech diagnostic sutures.
The threads can collect diagnostic data such as tissue temperature, pH and glucose levels, and stress and strain, and even sense if an infection is coming on.
The smart threads could be used in more than just wounds, say the researchers.
So far, the smart threads have only been tested on rats and in vitro.

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In future we will use Smart Stitches to send our doctor data while our wounds are healing. #IoT #Trend #Innovation

Source: Popular Science