Interactive chatbot lets you speak in real-time with a World War I soldier

Chat with Archie Barwick as he fights in World War I. [Read More]

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News Corp Australia has launched a chatbot on Facebook Messenger that allows users to interact with Tasmanian soldier Archie Barwick, who fought in World War I.
The chatbot was created by AnzacLive, an interactive project that helps users learn more about the personal experiences of Australians on the frontline.
"We wanted to do something a little special, beyond the usual AnzacLive activity on regular Facebook."
In addition to supporting a one-on-one conversation, the bot is also programmed to send periodic updates of the soldier's experience on the frontline.
All Barwick's answers are taken from his journal entries, however, so he's not currently equipped to take on contemporary conundrums, unfortunately.

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We are one (small) step closer to virtualizing human beings (using a #Chatbot). #AI #Trend #Trendwatching

Source: Mashable