Amazon's Alexa can lock your front door if you own this smart lock

The future is here: Alexa, lock my front door! [Read More]

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You can now lock command any Alexa-powered device like Amazon's Echo or Fire TV to lock your front door if you have an August Smart Lock installed.
August Home Inc. announced on Thursday its first and second generation Smart Lock are the first smart locks to work with Alexa, the voice assistant that has become the centerpiece of everyone's smart home.
With the new skill, which can be activated through the Alexa app, users will be able to bark at Alexa to lock the front door and check if the door is locked.
For it all to work, you will need the August Connect Wi-Fi bridge to connect the lock's Bluetooth connectivity to the Wi-Fi.
Naturally, for security reasons, users will not be able to ask Alexa to unlock doors, at least not until Alexa gets voiceprint recognition.

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In future your Virtual Assistant will lock your doors (using Smart Locks). #Trend #Innovation #IoT

Source: Mashable