IBM's Watson sorted through over 100 film clips to create an algorithmically perfect movie trailer

The robot created the trailer for the new film "Morgan" by comparing other movie trailers and choosing the best scenes to include. [Read More]

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In fact, since many of them are edited so predictably, it seems even a computer can put one together.
For the film "Morgan," which is due out in theaters on September 2, IBM's Watson made the first movie trailer ever edited by artificial intelligence.
To make the film, an IBM blog post explains, Watson analyzed the trailers of over 100 horror and thriller film trailers to understand what sounds, scenes, and emotions to incorporate.
IBM says that cut the time and labor involved in the trailer- making process down from 10-30 days to 24 hours.
And with this movie trailer under its belt, the #AI has another feather in its cap.

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IBM’s Watson created its first movie trailer using #AI. #Trend #Trendwatching

Source: Business Insider