Restaurants of the future will be run by robots

Over the next two decades, automation will transform the way food is prepared and served to diners. [Read More]

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"A lot of what's done in restaurants is already automated," Rebecca Chesney, research and partnerships manager at the Institute for the Future, tells Business Insider.
Chesney points to Momentum Machines, the company perhaps most poised to shake up the way food is prepared.
A schematic for the Momentum Machines prototype, which can crank out 400 burgers an hour.
Momentum Machines As Xconomy reported, Momentum Machines' prototype could replace two to three line cooks — a savings of roughly $90,000 a year counting salaries and overhead costs.
Momentum Machines may be the most restaurant-ready system for food preparation, but it's by no means the only one.

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Source: Business Insider