Microsoft reorganizes to create a dedicated AI division

Microsoft has reorganized several disparate projects and programs into an entirely new Artificial Intelligence group. It will be the fourth major division after… [Read More]

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Microsoft Research chief Harry Shum will head the new #AI division, according to GeekWire.
Collecting them all under one banner suggests how standardized they want their #AI tech to be between disparate programs.
It's similar to how Microsoft internally pivoted to collectively harness the Internet in the mid-90s, GeekWire points out.
In a blog post, Shum said that the collaboration will build "an #AI stack spanning infrastructure, services, apps and agents."
Hopefully, byproducts from the #AI division's R&D will produce fewer missteps like last March's foul-mouthed Twitterbot and more advancements like their pilot project using #AI to discover cancer treatments.

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Microsoft reorganizes to create a dedicated #AI division! #Trend

Source: Engadget