After sagging sales numbers, Fitbit’s stock price plunges by over 33%

Earlier in 2016, Fitbit said rivals "have significant competitive advantages." [Read More]

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Further Reading Fitbit Charge 2 reviewed: A calculated update that’s ideal for new users In Thursday afternoon trading, Fitbit’s stock price lost more than one-third of its value after the company announced a significant drop in profits.
According to its latest quarterly numbers, the company made $26.1 million in the third quarter of 2016 compared with $45.8 million during the same quarter a year ago.
In mid-September, the company released the Fitbit Charge 2, a mid-range $150 device.
Many financial analysts believe that the market for the popular fitness tracker may be hitting its saturation point.
The company’s CEO, James Park, said as much on a call with analysts and reporters on Thursday.

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The #Wearable #Trend is officially over. Fitbit’s sagging sales numbers force the stock price to collapse by >33%.

Source: Arstechnica