Ale, a Japanese space start-up, is create fake meteor showers

Thanks to a space-startup in Japan, shooting stars are about to shoot into the future. [Read More]

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Personalized skyUnlike natural shooting stars, ALE's artificial meteors will glow in different colors, creating the possibility to paint the sky.
Testing, testingWhile the idea of an artificial meteor shower isn't new, ALE has come the closest to making it a reality.
Normally velocity determines luminosity, but ALE's meteors move nearly 10 times slower than the top speed of natural shooting stars.
"Our artificial meteor will be ejected from lower earth's orbit from satellites, so the entry velocity is slower."
Once launched, the shooting stars could be used as a vehicle from which to observe the upper atmosphere.

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As of #2018, we will be able to enjoy fake meteor showers (in stead of fireworks)! #Trend #Trendwatching #Future

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