Facebook shows off a feature it says is a big breakthrough in artificial intelligence

When #Facebook's CTO took the stage at a conference in Lisbon on Tuesday, you'd be forgiven for thinking he was showing off a minor product update. [Read More]

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That is the exciting future of #AI," Schroepfer said during a keynote speech.
#AI developments at #Facebook also link to its efforts in virtual reality (VR).
"In VR, image and video processing software powered by computer vision is improving immersive experiences and helping to support hardware advances.
Earlier this year we announced a new stabilization technology for 360 videos, powered by computer vision.
This will help make it possible to build high-quality, standalone VR headsets that aren't tethered to a PC," Schroepfer wrote in a blog post.

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A new #Trend is emerging. The #AI algorithms are moving from data centers onto smartphone! #Apple #Facebook

Source: Cnbc