Oxford Scientists Have an AI That Can Read Your Lips

A new #AI lip reader has been built to process whole sentences at a time, allowing the #AI to teach itself what letter corresponds to each slight mouth movement. LipNet was 1.78 times more accurate than human lip readers in translating the same sentences. [Read More]

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“The First Sentence-level Lipreading Model”Lip reading is a way of understanding speech by interpreting a person’s lip movement.
However, human speech is highly complex and nuanced, where one lip movement could correspond to different phonemes, or basic units of sound.
Scientists from Oxford University have described an artificial intelligence system, called LipNet, which can accurately read lips.
A previous system read lips on a word-to-word basis where it was taught to associate a phoneme with a certain lip movement.
However, the technology does show promise, and scientists are looking for applications for this technology.

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An #AI solution that can read lips with an accuracy of 93% (1,78x better than trained humans). #Trend

Source: Futurism