How drones will reshape the enterprise

Most people associate drones with troops and mad scientists tinkering around in their backyards. Thanks to technological breakthroughs — including longer and safer flights — and new federal guidelines enacted this year, drone use is expanding beyond military and consumer markets and is seeping in… [Read More]

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Simply put, the cost and hardware have reached a point where drones are easily accessible for most enterprise use cases.
The new enterprise drone market has created the need for an ecosystem to support it.
This cottage industry of drone specialists will be essential to the viability of the enterprise drone market.
A few promising categories for the next wave of enterprise drone software are for managing drone flight and managing drone behavior and compliance, as well as real-time data analytics processing.
#Drones are making a real impact on a number of industries, and quietly transforming the enterprise as we know it.

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Source: Techcrunch