Brain implant lets completely paralysed woman communicate again

The device is being hailed as a world-first, an at-home brain implant that allows the patient to operate a computer with her mind. [Read More]

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A female patient with ALS, no longer able to move or speak, has been given a new way to communicate with the world around her.
A team of researchers at the University Medical Centre Utrecht in the Netherlands has implanted a device in the 58-year-old woman's brain, allowing her to control a speech computer with her brain signals.
To operate the speech computer, the patient thinks about moving her fingers.
The brain activity associated with these thoughts is then translated into signals via the electrodes implanted in her brain.
These signals are then interpreted by the computer, allowing the woman to compose words, one letter at a time.

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Brain implant lets completely paralysed woman communicate again. #Trend #Trendwatching

Source: Cnet