Chat bot helps immigrants complete their visas

Legal-minded chat bots are useful for more than just fighting parking tickets — they might just start your life in a new land. Visabot has launched a namesake… [Read More]

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The assistance is limited to two visas right now (B-2 extensions for business and travel, O-1 for exceptional individuals), but the plan is to extend it to H-1B and L-1 skilled worker visas.
Your first session is free, and you can talk to lawyers over Skype if Visabot can't answer a question.
This won't take all the hard work out of applying for a visa, and there's certainly no guarantee that you'll be approved.
The AI can only work with the information you provide — it can't work miracles.
However, it could eliminate some of your initial uncertainty about the process, and spare you from talking to flesh-and-blood lawyers until it's truly necessary.

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Source: Engadget