I Used Mind Control to Fly a Honeywell Plane

With no flight experience and 15 minutes of training, I use my thoughts and a brain-computer interface to swoop through the air. [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

Not just because I’ve never flown a plane before, but because I’ll be doing it without touching the flight controls—by thought alone.
And except for the guy who came up with this contraption, I’ll be the first person to fly the mind-controlled King Air.
In this plane, those patterns translate to commands to climb or bank left or drop a few thousand feet.
“We saw control of an aircraft as a nice target in order to develop, refine, and test our neurotechnology,” Mathan says.
Or that muscle movements like blinks create their own signals and obscure what I’m trying to tell the plane.

Opinion… * Man-Made

You can (only) use your mind to fly a plane. #Trend #BrainInterface

Source: Wired