Voice recognition technology is expediting the race to frictionless retail

You’re a sales associate at a big-box retailer and a customer just asked whether the latest iPhone 7 is in stock. You proceed to ask your colleague, Stuart, the same question, and he tells you the product is sold out. But there’s something odd about this scenario: You didn’t move an inch, and Stuar… [Read More]

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Stuart represents the recent advancements in voice recognition technology, which are poised to transform the retail landscape.
The potential impact of voice recognition technology on the retail sector is vast and compelling, and can be understood through two separate lenses: customer experience and productivity.
Retailers that are keen to take the leap and add voice recognition capabilities to their existing suite of consumer applications can leverage the major voice recognition platforms in various ways.
In addition to maximizing the efficiency of store associates, voice recognition technology can drive productivity on the customer loyalty front.
The latest advancements in voice recognition technology are poised to do just that.

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Voice Recognition technology is expediting the race to frictionless retail. #Trend #AI #TextToSpeech #SpeechToText

Source: Techcrunch