Here's why you're seeing #Spectacles everywhere (hint: it's not about reading)

Spectacle mania is here. I wanted to see just how crazy people are getting about Snap's new eye wear. [Read More]

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##Spectacles isn't trending because your parents are in need of new magnifiers.
Snap's new #Spectacles, glasses that let you record and upload to #Snapchat, are white hot right now.
We got a pair here at CNET HQ yesterday and CNET's Lexy Savvides has already given us her first impressions.
They cost $130 if you're lucky enough to get them at a Snapbot, but are going for over $2,000 on eBay.
I'll start with this great drone shot of the line in Santa Monica, California, this morning from Kraig Adams.

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Here’s why you’re seeing #Spectacles everywhere (hint: it’s not about reading). #Trend #Snapchat #SnapchatSpectacles

Source: Cnet