Volvo Concierge brings the gas station to you

Today at the LA Auto Show, Swedish car maker #Volvo introduced its new Concierge app. The application is a quick way to get third-party vendors to wash, refuel a… [Read More]

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So you can stay indoors and keep binge watching Luke Cage while a vendor that has been vetted by #Volvo takes care of your car.
You don't even have to hand over your keys; the app creates a one-time digital key to open the vehicle.
Once service on the car has been completed, the digital key is revoked and the car locks itself.
#Volvo says that the service is open to add additional third-party companies, but it will be vetting vendors before they are added to Concierge.
It's also not adding all #Volvo owners to the service initially.

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#Volvo Concierge brings the gas station to you. #Platformication #Trend

Source: Engadget