Elon Musk shows how Tesla self-driving cars will be fun and easy

#Tesla can't wait to get its self-driving cars on the road, and here's proof. [Read More]

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#Tesla founder Elon Musk made waves last month when he announced that the company would begin equipping all new vehicles with self-driving hardware.
Although we're still at least a few years away from any city being dominated by self-driving cars, on Saturday Musk decided to give us a preview of what the future will be like with self-driving #Tesla cars.
Musk also posted a longer version of the video (above) set to the Rolling Stones classic "Paint it Black."
These visual demos, along with #Tesla's aggressive self-driving efforts on the manufacturing floor, future-proof the company against becoming obsolete when self-driving cars go mainstream.
Also, the visual humblebrags give the rest of the auto industry another competitive kick that will likely help get self-driving cars on the road even faster than many expect.

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The future of autonomous vehicles starts now. #Tesla #Trend #AutonomousVehicles

Source: Mashable