Google: Our Assistant Will Trigger the Next Era of AI

The company’s scientists think its voice bot will be the biggest thing since search. [Read More]

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As the beneficiary of over a decade of the company’s learnings, the #Google Assistant is good enough to retain those users who try it out.
The things those repeat customers will say to the Assistant, and their reactions to its actions, he believes, will help make #Google Assistant great.
Actually, booking a table is one thing that #Google Search can do, but that’s a rare exception: generally, #Google search can give you answers, but can’t close the deal.
Critics are reporting that the #Google Assistant understands requests and executes tasks better than Apple’s Siri.
Right now, the #Google Assistant will perform to expectations if you ask it to book a table at a Mexican restaurant near you.

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The #Google Transition: millions of people begin conversing with it’s assistant! #AI #Trend

Source: Wired