Just say something: IBM’s AI software can estimate a person’s age based on speech

From a distance the accomplishments seem insignificant, but #IBM thinks they’re necessarily small steps towards increasingly intelligent machines. [Read More]

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The first milestone involved demonstrating higher sensitivity in #IBM’s automatic speaker recognition software, which is tasked with recognizing the identity of a speaker based solely on his or her voice patterns.
Back in 2000, the best speaker verification software had an error rate of about 10 percent.
Today’s industry standard has an error rate of less than one percent.
First of all, the age estimate software may enable more personalization while tailoring conversations to age groups by considering things like vocabulary and syntax.
Besides better voice activation and security, Pelecanos thinks these highly sensitive speaker recognition systems will soon be able to multitask.

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#IBM’s #AI software can estimate a person’s age based on speech! #Impressive #Trend

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