German Cities Are Solving The Age-Old Public Toilet Problem

Paying businesses to allow access to their toilets, rather than trying and failing to maintain public ones on the street, is such an obvious and such a brilliant idea. [Read More]

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Instead of building out a network of public toilets, which is slow and expensive, city governments are paying local businesses to open up their restrooms to the public.
The program, called Nette Toilette or Nice Toilet, is active in 210 cities and has been running since 2000.
So successful is the scheme that it has given Bremen the best ratio of public toilets to citizens in Germany.
Incredibly, the city says that every visit to one of its regular, all-automatic public WCs costs the city almost $6.
If a venue took the cash and didn’t display its sticker, for example, the public would soon report it to the city.

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German cities are solving the age-old public toilet problem with a brilliantly simple idea. #Trend?

Source: Fast Company