The Robots Are Coming…for the Farms. One Guy Is Leading the Charge

As urban areas grow and the number of rural farmers shrink, technologists are trying to save agriculture. Could this be one option? [Read More]

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The factory belongs to SPREAD, a Japanese company run by an ambitious and unlikely CEO, 56-year-old Shinji Inada.
SPREAD was the subject of splashy press earlier this year when Inada announced plans for an automated factory by 2017.
Instead, automation will subtly replace the most labor-intensive tasks, says J.J. Price, global marketing manager — which means spacing out the lettuce heads as they bloom then harvesting.
In a sterile white room, an astronaut-suited worker wends his way through artificially lit rows of lettuce heads, which resemble baby clones from a sci-fi movie being bred for nefarious missions.
Sitting down with OZY, Inada is affable and dapper.

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