Marc Andreessen: flying cars are closer than you think

Marc Andreessen is as optimistic as he’s ever been, whether the subject is job creation, the future of autonomous vehicles, or the remarkable progress in the quest to build flying cars. [Read More]

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I don’t think that’s necessarily a Silicon Valley startup that does that.
I think that’s either a research university or probably a big industrial research lab — Honeywell, GE, Toshiba, or one of these companies.
I think most people think self-driving cars are more likely to get deployed as a service than as a product.
The long-run thing that’s going to happen here, I think, is very enticing.
I think that’s going to be a major political stress.

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An interview with Marc Andreessen: “flying cars are closer than you think.” #Trend #FlyingCars #Mobility

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