The inevitable robot takeover is here, and it's starting at the mall

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Summary… * Machine-Made

Image: SOFTBANK ROBOTICS AMERICAFor now the robots are simply greeting mall-goers and offering some "high-tech holiday cheer" in the form of a robot selfie.
The advantages of a machine-run robot working with customers?
I was testing this guy some time back in my local mall and i loved him!
😃 — Aleksi Taunimaa (@SnaksiXD) November 22, 2016The robotics company describes 4-foot-tall #Pepper as a "humanoid robot with large expressive eyes and lifelike movements and gestures."
Apparently #Pepper is a tool retailers should expect to use with customers into the very near future.

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These tiny #Pepper robots are starting to help shoppers at #USA malls this holiday season. #Trend #Robots

Source: Mashable