Can this giant E Ink tablet make paper obsolete?

As a material, paper has a lot of benefits. It's been around for thousands of years, it’s a universally understood medium, and it's cheap. But there are also downsides: paper can rip and tear, it’s… [Read More]

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reMarkable is a company that thinks it's time for paper to get an upgrade, with its similarly named reMarkable "paper tablet."
The reMarkable device is essentially a giant E Ink tablet that aims to replace paper, working as a reading and note-taking device.
A one-stop replacement for my heavy notebooks and textbooksThe tablet is intentionally designed to be minimalist when it comes to features.
It’s by no means the first attempt to replace paper, but it looks like one of the nicest solutions we’ve seen so far.
However, the reMarkable comes at a steep price relative to the paper printouts and notebooks it's hoping to replace.

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Can this giant eInk tablet make paper obsolete? #Trend? #IWantOneOfThose

Source: The Verge