Robots make better salespeople than humans, study says

Technically Incorrect: A study performed on human salespeople by an artificial intelligence company shows that humans just don't have the stamina. [Read More]

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I've just set eyes on a study that suggests many salespeople give up far too easily, while their robot counterparts have the persistence that matters.
So here are the robot people telling us that robots are better than people.
Should you be less fond of being pestered, you should look out for salespeople called Rachel, Ashley, Anna and Claire.
These are the four most common names given to robot salespeople by Conversica's clients.
Here's the best I could find: 42 percent of the human salespeople who did respond to Conversica's inquiry actually did so within five minutes.

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#Robots make better salespeople than humans, study says. (I,m glad I’m not a salesman.) #Trend

Source: Cnet