Just How Smart Are Smart Machines?

Managers today expect computing technology to augment rather than replace the work of humans. [Read More]

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The number of sophisticated cognitive technologies that might be capable of cutting into the need for human labor is expanding rapidly.
advertisementIf popular culture is an accurate gauge of what’s on the public’s mind, it seems everyone has suddenly awakened to the threat of smart machines.
Second, it reflects the type of tasks smart machines are being used to perform, moving from conventional numerical analysis to performance of digital and physical tasks in the real world.
What Today’s Cognitive Technologies Can — and Can’t — DoFour Levels of IntelligenceClearly, the level of intelligence of smart machines is increasing.
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Just How Smart Are Smart Machines? #AI #Trend #MachineLearning #Robotics #CognitiveComputing

Source: Mit Sloan Management Review