Japan Is Tagging and Tracking the Elderly With Stickers

The oldest country in the world is taking new steps to keep their wandering elders in check: adding barcodes their thumbnail and toenails. It’s creepy, but potentially life saving. [Read More]

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A company in Iruma, a city about 40 miles from Tokyo, is rolling out a tagging system for elderly patients suffering from dementia: a transparent, one-inch sticker with a QR code.
The code has a record of the patient’s name, address, phone number, and who to contact in case they’re found disoriented.
The QR code doesn’t track the elderly person’s movements, however, it just provides specific information when scanned at a police station.
AdvertisementOne in three native Japanese citizens is over the age of 60 and Japanese outlet Yomiuri estimates as many as 3,000 elderly citizens have early symptoms of dementia.
There’s a small economy of elderly tracking and tagging devices, from pocket GPS trackers to wearable soles.

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Japan Is Tagging and Tracking Elderly With Sticker. #Trend? #Dimentia

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