Soft Robot Hand Brings a Gentle Touch to the Future

Remarkable advancements in artificial intelligence have made it seem like uncannily human androids are just around the corner. But even though SIRI might be able to tell you a joke, robotics are still pretty clunky. That’s where soft robotics come in. [Read More]

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That’s where soft robotics come in.
AdvertisementThe emergence of soft lithography and 3D-printing over the last 20 years has allowed robotics experts to more easily fabricate and develop sensors that can be incorporated into soft robotics.
AdvertisementHuichan Zhao, the lead author on the paper, tells NPR:“Our human hand is not functioning using motors to drive each of the joints; our human hand is soft with a lot of sensors … on the surface and inside the hand,” she says.
“Soft robotics provides a chance to make a soft hand that is more close to a human hand.”As the tomato test demonstrates, this kind of tech will have applications in manufacturing and menial labor.
AdvertisementCornell researchers are also looking into integrating their progress with optical waveguides into bio-inspired robots that may explore the universe someday.

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Soft Robot Hand Brings a Gentle Touch to the Future. #Trend

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