Google Home officially plugs into the smart home

Belkin's might be the first in a line of critical smart home partnerships for #Google Home. [Read More]

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#Google has a long way to go before it matches Amazon's smart home presence, and the hardest step is often the first.
So today's announcement by Belkin — that its WeMo line of smart home products will work with #Google Home and #Google Assistant — might not be surprising, but it is a critical early step for the platform.
Practically, Belkin's announcement means #Google Home owners can pick up Belkin WeMo products and use them with "Hey, #Google" commands.
The news comes on the heels of #Google announcing its expansion of Weave, the language that lets #Google Home "talk" to smart home devices like the Nest Thermostat.
You can now control your Belkin WeMo smart plugs and switches using #Google Home and #Google Assistant commands.

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#Google Home officially plugs into the #SmartHome. #Trend #SmartSpeaker

Source: Cnet