Microsoft will give Skype chatbots a voice next year

Not content with just stuffing Cortana into your home appliances, #Microsoft now wants you to have real conversations with needy #Skype bots. In a bid to make tho… [Read More]

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Aside from being more engaging conversationalists, these talking bots will also be able to use video, audio and GIFs in #Skype chat windows.
While #Microsoft's push to make scripted interactions less painful is certainly admirable, and makes sense given the trend towards more natural voice controls, these #Skype chatbots will have something to prove.
In an age where all we want is to achieve our daily tasks as quickly as possible, the last thing we want to do is actually talk to anyone — and for many, that still includes relatively helpful robots.

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#Microsoft will give #Skype #Chatbots a real voice next year! #Trend

Source: Engadget