Microsoft's Cortana bot can schedule meetings on your behalf

#Microsoft is trying to turn #Cortana into the digital assistant of your dreams with a new #AI bot called The beta service requires an invitation, b… [Read More]

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#Cortana keeps things moving along by following up if recipients don't reply within 48 hours until it finally fixes a date.
If this works as well as it sounds, it could be the useful (and ego-stroking) helper bot that busy folks without the cash to pay a human assistant have been waiting for.
It adds that it's powered by both machine and human intelligence, meaning that #Microsoft employees might intervene when the machine can't handle the job alone.
#Microsoft launched the bot at its #AI day in San Francisco, where it also revealed a #Cortana-powered Harmon Kardon speaker to rival Amazon's Echo and Google Home.
As mentioned, you'll need to join a waiting list to get, and #Microsoft says it's favoring "those who frequently schedule meetings with people outside their organization."

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#Microsoft‘s #Cortana bot can schedule meetings on your behalf. #Trend #AI #VPA

Source: Engadget