Artificial intelligence has a big year ahead

In 2017, #AI won't just be for the nerdy companies. Machine learning can help with mortgage applications and bridge safety, too. [Read More]

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In 2016, tech companies like Google, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft launched dozens of products and services powered by artificial intelligence.
Artificial intelligence is a 60-year-old term, and its promise has long seemed like it was forever over the horizon.
#AI should reach medicine next year, too, said Monte Zweben, chief executive of database company Splice Machine and former deputy #AI chief at NASA's Ames Research Center.
Amazon Web Services, the dominant way companies tap into computing power as needed, added an artificial intelligence service.
A general artificial intelligence — something more like our own brains — remains distant.

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Artificial Intelligence has a big year ahead of it! #AI #Trend

Source: Cnet