Microsoft officially outs another AI chatbot, called Zo

What are chatbots for? I asked #Zo, Microsoft's officially launched chatbot, currently available on the Kik Messenger app, what she does — and she was remarkably coy in answering this question, initially complaining that our conversation felt like a job interview and then qualifying this hugely wit… [Read More]

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Turns out my hunch was correct; the best answer #Zo came up with was: “i wanna learn as much as i can”.
Microsoft does have two other longer lived social chatbots — launching its first, called Xiaoice, in China in May 2014, and a second, Rinna, in Japan in July 2015.
#Zo is built using the vast social content of the Internet,” writes Microsoft.
So there will soon be a Samsung made Amazon Alexa competitor housing Microsoft’s Cortana #AI.
Microsoft reiterated this partnership push today, as a key plank of its mission of making #AI “accessible to all”.

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Microsoft officially outs another #AI #Chatbot, called #Zo. #Trend

Source: Techcrunch