Smartwatches Are Dying Because They Are Worthless

Back in April, I dropped $230 on a gadget that had me feeling that gadget love again. You’re familiar with the feeling too; the thrill you get walking into a Sharper Image store or thumbing through a Hammacher Schlemmer catalog. It’s that sense that you’re seeing a small glimpse of the future neatly packaged and commoditized for the present. [Read More]

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But as soon as my Apple Watch arrived in the mail, I almost immediately had a new name for it: My Great Regret.
The Apple Watch lasted a strong 24 hours, which seemed great compared to other smartwatches, like the Moto360, which could usually only go about eight to twelve.
My Apple Watch has come to feel less like the future and more like the spectacularly terrible now.
There are many reasons that people don’t like smartwatches, but perhaps the most resonant is their terrible battery life.
The problem with the Pebble is the same one that remains for the Apple Watch and all the other smartwatches.

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#Smartwatches are a dying #Trend because they don’t provide enough value in our daily lives (yet). #Wearables

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