These Are The Robots Who Are Fulfilling Your Christmas Orders

#Robots are working alongside people in more warehouses, though creators say they’re not taking human jobs . . . yet. [Read More]

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Some of the gifts you order this holiday season just might get shipped with the help of a robot.
“It’s not a 100% automated strategy—it’s more a strategy of using robots along with human labor,” he says.
#Robots from San Jose-based Fetch Robotics can follow workers around a warehouse as they pick items from shelves, dispatching a replacement and traveling to a packing area when an order’s done, or stay put until a human orders them to a particular destination.
So far, Elazary says, customers have tended to use the robots to boost fulfillment throughput, not eliminate jobs.
Humans are also still involved restocking the shelves for robots to pick from to fulfill orders, checking goods for quality purposes before they’re shipped out, dealing with special situations and training the bots to handle changes like new item packaging.

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These are the #Robots who are fulfilling your Christmas orders. #Trend #Innovation

Source: Fast Company