Federal report: AI could threaten up to 47 percent of jobs in two decades

Artificial intelligence may also widen the inequality gap among workers. [Read More]

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This week, scientists and economic advisers to President Obama released a report on artificial intelligence, including the effects of automation on the US job market and economy.
Automation will probably move into the trucking industry within a decade (3.8 million US jobs are related to driving).
They estimate that only 9 percent of jobs are at risk in the next decade or two.
Both of these studies of jobs at risk due to automation, however, agreed that lower-paying jobs are at the highest risk.
"If labor productivity increases do not translate into wage increases, then the large economic gains brought about by #AI could accrue to a select few," the report says.

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#AI could threaten up to 47% of jobs in two decades. #Trend

Source: Arstechnica