How We Got Closer to Our Cyberhuman Future in 2016

Humans’ relationship with technology is growing ever-more intimate. In a sense, we have already become cyborgs, tethered to our external electronic devices, outsourcing to them our memories, our sense of direction, our socializing, our lives. But, if the past year’s technological advancements are any indication, our relationship with technology is going to get a whole lot closer. Technology could one day soon become regularly integrated with our biology to manage disease and augment human ability. Here were some of the biggest breakthroughs of the past year on the cyborg front. [Read More]

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An implant gave humans a sixth senseAdvertisementMachines are not so limited as humans in the kinds of sensations they can detect.
And so, the the collective Cyborg Nest sought to use them to imbue humans with a sixth, artificial sense.
This month, the collective released North Sense, a small electronic device implanted into the skin to give the wearer a sense of direction.
If you, too, would like to augment your natural born senses, for $350, the North Sense implant can be yours.
He carried his artificial heart around for a year-and-a-half, until a transplant organ was ready this past May.

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How we got closer to our cyberhuman future in 2016. #Trend

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