“Innovation” is dead. Long live “innovation”. — Strategyzer

Let’s face it, the word “innovation” means nothing on its own anymore. We
use the word so much–R&D, technology innovation, business process
innovation, business model innovation, product innovation, etc.–that the
core of its meaning has been lost or blurred. It might seem academic to
discuss the meaning of this word, but it actually has substantial
implications for innovation strategy. Let me explain [Read More]

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Established companies rarely master these types of innovation activities, because they require a very different way of working.
#Innovation Activities of the Ambidextrous OrganizationThe companies that want to win in the 21st century need to perform innovation activities across the entire spectrum from “exploit” to “explore".
That’s why it’s so important to differentiate between different types of innovation activities and their implications.
#Innovation TypesThere are several different types of innovation activities.
Here is a list of some of the most important innovation types:

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#Innovation” is dead. Long live “#Innovation”. #Trend

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