Four Out-Of-This-World Predictions For The Space Industry In 2017

Big things are happening in #space travel and tech, with new startups mushrooming every day. Here are four trends to watch. [Read More]

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A slew of private #space companies have entered the market with ambitious plans to build rockets and colonize new planets.
It began tracking private #space companies in 2009, when SpaceX had its first successful launch, and he says that VC investments in private #space companies have been on an upward trajectory every year.
Governments Play A Bigger Role While the private #space industry is booming, government still has an important role to play in driving #space-age technology forward.
Many within the private #space industry are lobbying to modify the treaty to allow companies to claim some portion of what they mine or discover on a #space mission.
By creating similar legislation for the ownership of property in #space, many in the private #space industry believe more people will be willing to invest in the technological infrastructure to get there.

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The 4 out-of-this-world #space industry predictions for #2017. #Trend #Aerospace

Source: Fast Company