LG's next robots include an Echo-like assistant

When LG said it was pouring a ton of effort into robots, it wasn't kidding. The electronics firm is teasing a whole lineup of robots for CES, including one that… [Read More]

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LG is also interested in taking robots outdoors.
One model getting a preview at CES will have "new capabilities" for taking care of your yard, including your garden.
At least some of the bots can steer themselves through "complex environments," and there will be some Pepper-like robots built to help you at airports and hotels.
All told, LG is bent on making robots as much a part of its roster as TVs and washing machines.
There's no guarantee that it'll succeed, but it's clearly not content with making the occasional robotic vacuum.

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2017 will be the year of the #SmartSpeakers, LG is the next company to include a voice assistant. #Trend #AI

Source: Engadget