How to dive into that New Year’s Resolution to get started with VR

But consumer #VR’s splashy debut in 2016 did not result in something that was immediately affordable, available, or indeed appealing to many, so it’s no surprise if you’ve been standing back and waiting for a time to jump in. Now might just be the time; a confluence of factors, inc… [Read More]

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Here’s a guide to one way to get started that should give you the most mileage for your dollar, while also making sure you’re not missing out on the best #VR experiences currently on offer.
Plus, in my experience it doesn’t choke on any #VR games, and I’ve played a wide range.
The HeadsetI’ve gone back and forth on this, and it’ll depend on your personal preferences, too, but now that Oculus Touch has arrived, I’d recommend getting the Oculus Rift to start.
The AccessoriesAs mentioned, the Oculus Touch controllers really add a lot to the overall #VR experience, and prove more fun and more immersive in practice than the Vive Controllers.
Virtual Desktop is a must because it gives you a sense of what it might be like to use #VR for everyday computing tasks.

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Add a New Year’s resolution to your list: get started with Virtual Reality. #VR #Trend

Source: Techcrunch