Lenovo's new VR headset is coming for less than $400

Let's face it: With the way things are going, you won't be able to dodge virtual reality forever. That's exactly why #Lenovo has been working on a relatively ine… [Read More]

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More importantly, #Lenovo's headset is just as good at getting out of your face as it is as sitting in front of it.
Turn the headset around and you'll find a dial that lets you adjust the fit with more finesse than the straps you'd usually find on a headset like this.
As is usually the case, the most interesting parts are also the ones that offer up the most question marks.
This is the first time we've seen this kind of self-contained setup in a proper, big-name, PC-based #VR setup, but we can only guess how well it actually works.
It'll be a while before #Lenovo's headset hits store shelves (or even gets a proper name, for that matter) but man: Between the cost, comfort and potential, #Lenovo might really be onto something here.

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Will Virtual Reality go mainstream in 2017? #Lenovo‘s new #VR headset is coming (costing less than $400). #Trend

Source: Engadget