Even smart toothbrushes have AI now

Before the likes of Oral-B started selling Bluetooth-enabled, app-connected toothbrushes, there was Kolibree. The startup developed one of the first smart tooth… [Read More]

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"Patented deep learning algorithms are embedded directly inside the toothbrush on a low-power processor," Kolibree's press release reads.
One of the benefits of this new chip is that you don't need the companion app open on your mobile for brushing data to be recorded.
Health care is one of the most promising avenues for #AI, where complex data-crunching can potentially improve our understanding and treatment of diseases.
One "leading health insurer" in Italy thinks it's more than a buzzword, at least, having committed to offering the Ara to its clients.
Kolibree also plans to start a study this spring in Europe and the US to clinically validate the value of #AI in improving oral health.

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Even the smartest toothbrushes have Artificial Intelligence now. #Trend #AI #SmartTechnology

Source: Engadget